Big Prayer

We are pleased to invite you to become a supporter/member of Big Prayer Museum Inc. Big Prayer Museum Inc. is located in the heart of North America. Our (BPM) organization is designed to bring the community together, educate people from all walks of life while savoring our history, culture, and artifacts. We want you to be inspired to share, love, and support our upcoming talents.



About Big Prayer Museum

BPM is an Historical Museum building to serve humanity, through social and applied measures to save the children. 

Currently our landscape is
a work in progress. Our outdoor historical artifacts present nature at its best.

Our videos, interviews and interactive objects will be engaging thus bring a cutting edge virtual and real-life experience.

Our Stories



We are hoping that you will join us in funding the development of our much-needed Museum. We are specifically asking for donations in the amount but if you’re unable to do so, any amount will do will be highly appreciated.