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Big Prayer Museum is a Mission about Humanity.. improving our vision with you towards making the world a better place. Your participation matters. We are looking forward to working with you.

Welcome to Your Company stand to offer a solution to this century’s complex problems because its objective is to establish a forum using the latest and most efficient medium of communications for people to re-evaluate their stand in relation to matters related to environnment. The human beings today are merely talking about stewardship and environmental concerns without reference to fundamental questions of why should we be concerned ? It is imperative to address this question adequately before dealing with ‘how’. The answer is to be rooted in linking the earth with the heaven as being in harmony”. Wycliffecollege, Toronto, ON
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We are pleased to invite you to become a supporter/member of Big Prayer Museum Inc. Big Prayer Museum Inc. is located in the heart of North America. Our (BPM) organization is designed to bring the community together, edu.cate people from all walks of life while savoring our history, culture, and artifacts. We want you to be inspired to share, love, and support our upcoming talents.

Big Prayer Museum and its focus on recognizing global history and making the world a better place.

It provides an opportunity for those who are interested in African American Native culture to explore and revel in this history through interactive exhibitions.

 It helps all Americans see how their stories, their histories, and their cultures are shaped and informed by global influences

It explores what it means to be an American and share how American values like resiliency, optimism, and spirituality are reflected in African American history and culture

ReCognizing your Community & Neghborhood at BPM

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